Examine the design is an important part of the process of implementing an investment project, which has been specified by the State in Circulars, Decrees, and Laws related to the quality management process construction in Vietnam.

Through practical experience in the field of examining design consulting in Vietnam, we determine that a well-executed verification will bring a lot of benefits to project management and operation.

  • Ensure the quality of the design project, overcome the possible errors of the design consultant
  • Investment cost savings
  • Increase the reliability of the design project


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About work

According to the provisions of Decree 12/2009/ND dated 10/02/2009, the design assessment needs to following things:

  • Check the conformity of technical design with basic design
  • Check the conformity of structural solutions of constructions
  • Check compliance with building code and applicable standards
  • Assess the safety level of the project
  • Check the rationality of the selection of technological lines and equipment for works with technological requirements
  • Check compliance with regulations on the environment, fire protection.




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